Ananda Vacanamrtam

The Ananda Vacanamrtam ("Blissful Discourses") series assembles all the known General Darshan discourses given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. General Darshan (GD) discourses were those given to Ananda Marga members, often as a part of the daily routine, in whatever locality Anandamurtijii happened to be staying in at the time. Normally briefer and lighter in tone (though no less profound in their fundamental meanings) than the discourses given on the formal occasions of DMC, these talks were sometimes delivered in a very intimate way to relatively small groups of Margis. The Ananda Vacanamrtam series was begun in 1978 with the GD discourses given by the author at that time; it then kept pace with the GD discourses that the author gave over the subsequent six years. Starting with Part 23, the series has included GD speeches given before 1978.

Some of the topics: "From Animality to Divinity", "Energy and Cognition", "Liberation from Vi•˜umaya", "Superstitions about Death", "Tantra Is Sadhana, Sadhana Is Tantra", "Mantra and Incantation", "The Place of Women in the Spiritual World", "The Glory of Human Dharma", "Pinnacled Existence", "Stages of Samadhi".

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