Caryacarya Parts 1-3

Caryacarya is the samaja shastra (social treatise) of Ananda Marga. These three volumes set out both the organizational and the cultural basis of the Ananda Marga movement. In Part 1 the author not only gives Ananda Marga its governing boards and committees, but also provides guidelines for social functions that range from welcoming the tiny infant, to celebrating the spring, to remembering the dead. Part 2 gives many guidelines for conduct in a progressive society - i.e., a society of individuals moving towards the Supreme. Part 3 contains all the dos and don'ts related to physical health that must be followed for progress in mental and spiritual sadhana. The author explains yogic asanas (postures) and other health practices. He reminds the reader that in addition to the written instructions, a competent teacher is necessary for the practice of asanas.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3