Prabhata Samgiita Selected Songs Part I

On September 14, 1982, Deoghar,Baba (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti)gave a song that was only the beginning of a seemingly endless flow of songs. A little later Baba named the songs "Prabhat Samgiita". Though most of the 5018 Prabhat Samgiita are in the Bengali language, the songs 'ideative character, rhythms, and tunes are structures that channelize the devotional feeling towards the Supreme. For a longtime the Renaissance Writers' and Artists' Association of Ananda Marga (RAWA) has been producing Prabha'ta Samgiita audio albums containing normally eight - ten songs each, and for an equally long time requests have been pouring in from listeners of those audio albums to publish a volume containing the English translations, along with romanized lyrics, or all the songs. The present book is in response to those requests, and fulfills a long-standing need of many listeners throughout the globe. Thirty-two albums appear herein, in the order oftheir release.