Samgiita: Song, Dance. and Instrumental Music

Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar understood the urgent need of cultural renaissance for the all-round progress of humanity, and throughout much of his life took a two-track approach toward the realization of that renaissance. As a philospher, following his own intuitive approach, he focused unprecedented light on various aspects of the cultivation of art, literature , and music, as well as on the human journey from the aesthetic to the supra-asthetic. And along the second track, that of his practical activities, he once again opted for a dual approach: on the one hand he founded institutions that wholeheartedly and explicitly supported and encouraged various aesthetic pursuits; and on the other hand he personally composed a body of songs called Prabhata Samgiita which finally came to total 5018 compositions. The present book is a compilation that consists of his discourses on the subject of music, and also of various of his own Prabhata Samgiita songs.